Monday, January 10, 2011

Stomach Problems

Well, I joined the adult forum on the CF Trust web site and someone suggested that I get tested for C.diff (clostridium difficile). So I have made an appointment with my GP for tomorrow, so presumably another poo sample will be sent off. Sent off one for the helicobacter bacteria a week or so ago.  Why don't doctors think about all the different bacteria that could have gone AWOL in the gut and test for all of them when sending off a sample. Short term thinking to my mind. Surely its better to try lots of things in one go, rather than me having to take up time seeing the doctor and then the use of plastic bags to put multi samples in, etc. etc.
I also rang the lung transplant clinic at the Freeman hospital in Newcastle to query one of the immunosuppressants that I take. I noticed some years ago that when they doubled the dose my stomach got a bit unhappy (!) and that maybe this is contributing to the problems. So tonight I will stop taking this particular drug for a week (as reccomended by the Freeman) and then slowly re-introduce the drug. I have high hopes about this procedure as I am pinning my hopes on this being the problem. So everyone, keep your fingers crossed for me. I am in such distress about this, I don't know what to do anymore. I'm losing sleep, because of the pain, not wanting to eat and so losing weight and the whole thing is just impossible.

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