Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Morning

Just enjoyed bacon and egg sarnie but know I will regret eating this, as bacon was very salty and I will be thirsty for the rest of the day. (Trying to cut back on fluid so I can get down to dry weight of 49 kgs.) Will explain dry weight another time.
Going to Designer Warehouse for Andy, to buy T shirts and etc's. I will look for some ankle boots I think but don't hold out much hope. I want stylish but made for depths of winter and snow. I bet the two are incompatible!!!
Later on...
As I thought, couldn't find anything I liked but Andy came back laden with bags!!
Really thirsty and serious stomach ache.  I wish that eating didn't give me such horrible stomach problems. Makes eating a very unenjoyable process, if you know that by putting food in your mouth you will incur pain and swelling.  I know the symptoms are very similar to IBS and I spent hours on line yesterday looking at what to do if you suffer with this condition. Seems that one idea is to eat really unhealthily. So, out with all the roughage and fruit and veg, etc. and in with all the white bread, white pasta, and all those other unhealthy things like chips rather than jacket potatoes. Having said that, though, I eat a mixture of good food and 'bad' food and it makes absolutely no difference as to how I feel after eating. Perhaps it is just having CF. Must write to the Trust and see if there is any research into this. They seem to be more concerned, quite rightly, with lung research than with digestive research. Will look at their website and see what they have. Will report back.

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