Thursday, October 6, 2011

Where have I been?!

It has been a very long time since I wrote on this page. Thankfully, since I last wrote, I have emerged, like a chrysallis, into a beautiful butterfly. No, I haven't had a transplant, unfortunately, but I have come out from the long dark depression that took hold over the winter months'. A serious case of SAD!!!
However, one bit of depressing news in this life of a flutterby, is that I now have to wait for my liver to become seriously cyrrhosed before I can have another shot at a kidney for by then, I'll be needing that well known dinner time favourite, liver and kidney - with, I think, a side dish of mash onions and gravy. Sounds good to me!
Apart from that little shock, all is well.
I am heading towards doing my dialysis treatment at home, hopefully early next year. I have already learned how to line the machine, insert my own needles, using the button hole technique, and can connect/unconnect myself to the machine and put in all relevant information and then clean up after myself. Just waiting for the housing association where I live to give the okay for the plumber to join the waste pipe to the down pipe from the gutter outside the front of the flat. Looking forward to doing it at home, though it will mean losing a room, in effect. What with all the equipment, and the lino that has to be laid and the special chair and etcs....! Still, anything to avoid getting up in the dark in the winter. 6am in the morning is not a fun time to be up if you don't have to do so!!
I'm getting more adventurous in my travels as well, this year. Been to Bath hospital for dialysis and also to the London Bridge Hospital. Oh, I also stayed with friends in Bradford-on-Avon and family in London whilst touring these hospitals. That was why I went really, not just to see what other hospitals are like!! What amazes me most about all this, is how each hospital has its own way of treating kidney patients. There seems to be no standard way of doing things, which you'd think there would be. Each hospital has its own little foibles as to how they deal with cannulating you, how they give iron, etc. etc. Takes some getting used to but I persevere.
I will be off on a short trip to London again, in November - my birthday in fact - to go and see the Degas exhibition at the Royal Academy. Looking forward to that.
Hopefully, will enclose some piccies next time I write. :-))))

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