Sunday, December 4, 2011

Post birthday

Hey All,
Recently celebrated being 18yrs post lung transplant - as you can see from the pictures everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and I certainly did, even though I was knackered at the end of it!!
So Winter seems to be here again - unfortunately. Don't you just hate the cold. November was such a mild month, too. I got used to not having to wear too many layers. Ah well, soon be the shortest day and then it'll be heading into the uplands of spring and summer and long light days. Can't wait.
My health is reasonably ok - a few minor problems but I'll survive.
Just thought I'd post a blog that didn't revolve around my health for a change.

Taken on a foggy morning from Westminster Bridge
Oliver Cromwell stands proudly!!!
Was in London recently, looking round the Houses of Parliament. That was very good. We had to be there early in the morning, but apart from looking in the Lords Chamber (they were debating that day), we saw all the other bits that you are allowed to see - the Commons, the lobby chamber, Westminster Hall, and the very small broom cupboard that the well known suffragette, Emily Davidson hid in on census night. She did this in 1911, so she could record her address as the Houses of Parliament, for of course, women were not allowed into the hallowed precincts of that male bastion of power!!  Courtesy of Wikipedia - On 2 April 1911, the night of the 1911 census, Davison hid in a cupboard in the Palace of Westminster overnight so that on the census form she could legitimately give her place of residence that night as the "House of Commons".[5] The 1911 census documents that were uncovered state that Emily Wilding Davison was found 'hiding in the crypt' in the Houses of Parliament.[6] In 1999 a plaque to commemorate the event was set in place by Tony Benn MP.
Bumble bee in the centre is me!

Having a quiet Sunday before the rat race of the week starts again. Although dialysis 4x weekly is good for me, it's too much like a job!!! At least before, I felt like I had some time off. But ,better to feel reasonable and with a brain again, than an idiot but with loads of time on my hands!

I'm having to fill out one of those government forms, again, about whether I'm fit for work. Duh!!! When would I have the time to go to work. Don't think any employer would want me with the amount of time I would have to have off. Dialysis 4x weekly, plus all the hospital appointments I have each year - last reckoning was up to 10 visits to various hospitals around the country plus visits to the GP. How do I fit it all in!! Then there are the few visits to see friends and family - I barely have time to eat, sleep or do my blog. Que sera sera
Happy Christmas one and all

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